Smoky Herb Ginger CBD


Infused with 19 fresh herbs in addition to four herbs that are perfectly charred to complete the smoky herb flavor. This creates a perfect combination of our renowned Smoky Herb Infusion combined with the taste of bold ginger. This tincture is gluten free, small batch, and made using 100% natural ingredients.  Every bottle has sixty 1ml doses each containing 10mg CBD, for a total of 600 mg CBD.

Due to natural variations in the percentage of CBD harvested per batch, we yield approximately 925 to 950 mg Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) per bottle.

Finished Product Analysis Certificate

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Nano Sonicated Water Soluble Tinctures to enhance potency by up to three times oil based products.
Full Spectrum Herb Infused Botanical Tinctures deliver Cannabinoids and Terpenes in complete doses.
Consumer Direct at Wholesale Prices offering the industry’s premier quality at unbeatable prices.
100% US grown and manufactured, natural ingredients, bottled in a GMP Certified facility